Nov. 17th, 2008

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My company is having open enrollment this month, where people pick insurance plans & other benefit options. There is one screen where you enter or verify information for Insured, Spouse and Dependents (Name, DOB, SSN, etc). For the first time, there is are Male/Female ticky boxes for both Insured AND Spouse. The times they are a-changing (though not fast enough)!

When I married in 84, I didn't change my name. Most government forms, including IRS forms, had places only for Last Name, Husband's First Name, Wife's First Name. Now the government has come to realize that some couples hetero-surnamed and some are same-surnamed. We hetero-surnamed couples are not traditional (although we do have a history going back to at least the 1860's), but we present no threat to those who prefer the more traditional same-surnamed family structure. There are even some who are are hyphen-surnamed, somewhere in-between. Although we are the minority, the government has recognized that we exist and changes have been made to accommodate us. Would that all such changes were so easy!

(BTW, in days when divorce and unwed parenthood are so common that IRS forms specifically allow for different surnames for each child, what exactly does "the sanctity of marriage" mean anymore?)


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