Jan. 22nd, 2009

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My boss is going to drive me crazy! She was today, once again bemoaning how this country is doomed to death and destruction since our new President was elected. She firmly believes that Sadam Hussein was in bed with Al Qaida in planning 9-11; that Hussein had large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and that we found them; that 95% of all Iraquis killed in the war have been terrorists; that only Guantanamo and Bush's policies have protected us against further devastating terrorist attacks (now ineveitable); that it is sometimes necessary to ignore the Constitution to protect our country and it's freedoms; that we have never tortured anyone.

On the last I had something to concretely weigh against that: Susan J. Crawford, the Bush administration apointee in charge of prosecutions at Guantanamo, the person who dropped charges against the "20th hijacker" al-Qahtani, has admitted we tortured him. However, she wants to see something in writing "not from a far left leaning source" before she will believe Crawford actually said it. And by "far left leaning source" she means such sources as NPR, ABC, CBS, AP.
And anything by any news source outside the country is inherently unreliable, as the whole world hates America and lies about us.


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