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I'm afraid I made a woman blush in public today. I went out to eat with some friends at a nice restraunt. It was a little crowded, so we were at a booth in the bar. It was noisy, but not so noisy that we couldn't hear this woman a couple of tables, with a particularly loud and piercing voice.

She was regaling her friends with her life's story: her pregnancies (both with a wonderful mid-wife, never saw a doctor, because what would Jesus think of her letting just any man poke around down there), her labors (12 hours with her daughter and 22 with her son), how she left her husband (she just picked up and left while he was at church, leaving him a letter; the fool never had a clue. Her daughter was 2 1/2 and her son wasn't born). But she really hit her stride when discussing her son. He was born with part of his bladder sticking out of his body and, my dears, the number of surgeries he had to go though! She detailed them all, and the side effects, and recovery process--not to mention in detail exactly how well his uro-genital tract is working now. (He did very well in college, but now the poor man just can't seem to find a job.)

I'm all for TMI among friends, but there is such a thing as over sharing with strangers. So as we were leaving, I walked over to her booth and said, "M'am, I'm sure the entire bar is very happy to learn that your son "can get hard and is able to ejaculate", but you may want to consider moderating your volume when discussing such things in public." (I get a little poly-syllabic when I get irked.) She just turned beet red and buried her face in her hand. I hope she will think twice about revealing someone else's personal things in public.
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