The Women

Aug. 19th, 2008 01:31 am
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They are re-making the 1939 file "The Women". What in $Deity's name for?

The original was about a social class of idle wealthy women. They only function was to produce children, decorate their husbands arm, and be a gracious social hostess to further his career. They did not need to concern themselves with mundane things as raising the children, or keeping house -- that was the job of the nanny, the cook, the maids, the butler, etc. The lessons the movie sought to teach us were:

1. A woman can not trust other women -- they are all out to get her man, or to bring her down.

2. A woman will never be happy without her man, therefore pride is a luxury that not even the wealthiest woman can afford.

3. Infidelity is a rite of passage for a man as he ages, a wise woman will just close her eyes and pretend not to see.

4. If you are humble and patient and forgiving and deserving of his love, eventually he will come back to you. If not, it was all your fault for being an imperfect wife in the first place.

Now this is supposed to be turned into a movie about female bonding among strong, independent career women. Who in the end, I suppose, will realize that their man is the most important thing in their lives after all, worth any sacrifice of career, or friendship, or pride.

You know, we fought our way of of the 50's. I was there, I saw it happen, I worked to help it happen. We thought we had won, some victories at least. When did the clock start running backward?
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