May. 10th, 2012

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Same-sex marriage has been in the news lately, good and bad, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Like the President, my thinking has been evolving on the matter. What you hear from antis a lot is that “This would change the definition of marriage!” My first reaction is “Of course not! In fact, it’s strengthening the definition of marriage!” But as I think about it more, I have come to realize they are right. We are changing the definition of marriage.

But here’s the thing: We’ve been changing that definition for a long, long time.
Settle in, this gets long )

So, long winded, but here’s the point. The question is not, “Is the definition of marriage going to change?”, that’s a given. It’s been changing for thousands of years and will continue to change for thousands more, however this issue is decided. Viewed from one angle, this is no real change, and although it is a radical change viewed from another angle, no more so than other changes made in the last few decades that are now commonly accepted. The real question is, “How are we going to change marriage?” Are we going to follow the trend of giving more and more freedom to individuals to make their own choices, with minimal government involvement, or are we going to reverse that into a more restrictive model where the government has the ability to make choices for you in your most intimate relationships? Because, make no mistake, people are going to continue to fall in love, commit to each other, and form families (with or without children), whether the government recognizes those relationships legally or not. That’s just what people do and have always done since we first became people. Are we going to let the government decide which families are valuable and which can be thrown away, or are we going to stay true to the long held principle that strong families make for a strong society and extend protection to ALL families?


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